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22Bet. Should you use this?

One of the most successful businesses is the betting company. Thanks to the digital revolution, we can put wagers even not leaving our homes. This feature makes the area attract more and more gamblers every day, as it is a simple and interesting way to win some extra cash. We have a great variety of gambling platforms now, so we need to choose properly.

22bet Main Information

22bet is a bookmaker that started operating in 2018. Having said that the service doesn't exist for a long time, it gets more and more popular among gamblers. This fact has some convincing causes to be the truth.

The main goal was to create an international platform for gambling. The web page is available in 50 languages of the world and tolerates a lot of currencies. That is one of the reasons why the clientele of these platforms gets bigger year by year. 

In addition, a lot of members highlight the general appearance of 22bet. They keep saying that the developers made their job just right. The interface is pretty logical and simple; so that you will not distract from the game on it. 

Still, the main feature that has this service is the mobile application. Thanks to it, you can keep gambling even if you are not home and don't have a computer. Since mobile application became a necessary feature for all the gambling services, 22bet tried its best to create a compatible one. 

Android Application

22bet proposes to us an application for each mobile software. One of them is Andriod. One of the best things is that you can find the application on Play Market. So, you have two options to load the service and use it through your mobile. 

First, you can find this application on the Play Market. Type in 22bet App, and you will encounter it the first. Download the application. Now, you can start putting wagers!

Second, you are free to download the application from the official website. There, on the web page, you will see an option of loading the service. Tap this button, and the loading will start immediately. There you go!

Both ways are fast and convenient to use. You can use the two of them as the application you obtain in the end is the same.

In addition, you can use the service online through your browser. 22bet has a mobile version of the web page. Still, the application wasn't created for nothing. The point is that it has more advantages than the mobile version of the web page. For example:

  • The application works faster, and it is more secure.
  • It is faster to find and open.
  • You have all the options you need while gambling. Still, it is the same with the mobile version.
  • You receive push notifications. Thanks to it, you keep being updated.
  • You keep being logged in.

Still, the application has some disadvantages that the mobile version doesn't. For instance:

  • It requires storage space on your mobile. If you lack it, you should better use the mobile version of the web page.
  • The application can use up your mobile data. If you try to download it without a Wi-Fi connection - you may lose your data.

In general, that's it. As you may notice, the advantages dominate over the cons. So, the creators recommend that you use the application if you want to gamble via mobile phone.

IOS Application

Sire, the developers took care of the iPhones' owner. You have two ways of downloading the application too.

First of all, you can find the application on App Store. Seach for 22bet Application. The right one will be the first to pop up.

Second, you can download it from the official web age. Enter the official site and find the button of Mobile Apps. It is at the bottom of the page. Tap it wait until the application gets installed.

Windows Application

22bet has an application for computers as well. Both the app and the online version do not differ a lot. The only difference is that you can open the application much faster. You will be able to enter the service by double-clicking. One more interesting fact is that it doesn't just open the platform via browser. It looks the same, but it is not a link.

To download the application, you need to go straight to the official web page. There, you will find a special button. Tap it, and the loading will start itself. Open the Downloads folder and finish the loading. You have it!

After you finish downloading the application; you can start registering yourself on the service.

Registration on the service

Of course, to gamble, you have to create an account. The procedure of building a record on 22bet doesn't take a lot of time. Still, it is an obligatory thing that you need to do.

There are two ways to build a record on 22bet. 

First, you can create an account based on your personal data:

  1. Open an application or go to the official web page.
  2. Tap the Sign In button.
  3. In the emerging boxes, type in the required information. The site needs your full name, country of living, email address, and the currency you use. INR is available there.

There you go. That is the entire process of registering on this platform.

The second way to create a record on 22bet is using social nets. You can link your account with this platform. For that, you need:

  1. Log in to your social profile. 
  2. Synchronize in with 22bet.
  3. Choose the currency you would like to use.

As you can see, this way is easier and a bit faster. So, you can choose what is best for you.

After you created an account, you need to verify it. Without this step, you won't be able to start gambling. Still, this procedure doesn't take a long time either. 

  1. You just need to log in to your record. 
  2. There, find the Personal Data section. 
  3. You will see a few emerging boxes. 
  4. Enter your information there. All done!

After you made all of these steps, you can start your gambling activity.

22bet Welcome Bonus

As the majority of the betting services provide a welcoming reward, 22bet is not an exception. This platform grants you 100% of your first deposit to make you feel comfortable on the service. 

The lowest amount which you can add to your 22bet account is 80 INR. If you do that, you will receive 80 INR more! The biggest Welcome Bonus that you can get is 10000 INR. This feature is very helpful to beginners; still, you cannot withdraw it right after you received it. Here are some rules to cash out this reward:

  • You have to put wagers that will be five times the amount of the bonus;
  • You have to do that within seven days;
  • Make bets with a coefficient of 1.4 and higher.

After you have completed these goals, you can transfer the Welcome Bonus to your credit card. As you could understand, the point of this reward is to make you interested in the game and betting itself. Thanks to this feature, you will get an experience and some extra cash within a short period of time.

The Welcome Bonus is not the only promotion that you can receive the same day you created an account. Also, 22bet is famous for the number of promo codes. You can use them to increase your winnings. 

Promo codes vary every day. So, to get info about the current ones, you need to check them on the website. Still, there is a code that you can use while registering on the platform. You will see an Enter Promo code box. Type XXX in there. You will double your reward thanks to it. 

It is notable that the 22bet platform appreciates a lot its Indian clients. You can increase your income thanks to different promotions on the website.

More Bonuses

Despite the Welcome Bonus and promotional codes, there are even more bonuses. You can use them to increase your winnings a lot. A pleasant thing is that there are various offers for different activities.

Casino Welcoming Reward

If you are a fan of casino games, this offer is for you. When you enter the casino section for the first time, you can use a code to win more. Type in 22_1542 in a special box. Thanks to this promotion you will receive a welcoming reward. This offer is special for casino gamblers.

Friday Bonus

It is obvious that you can get this reward every Friday. You are free to obtain 100% of your wager. To do that, you should follow some rules:

  1. The lowest bet has to be at least 85 INR.
  2. The highest bonus that you can get is 8500 INR.
  3. You need to bet the sum of the bonus three times to withdraw it.
  4. You need to make this wager within twenty-four hours.

Weekly Race Offer

This is a weekly reward too. You have to play special casino games and collect points. If you manage to get into Top-30 racers, you are free to get this reward. 

This is the table of the main bonus systems and the winnings you can get from them.

BonusMaximum winning
Welcome Bonus10300 INR
Welcome Casino Bonus25500 INR
Friday Bonus8500 INR
Weekly Race OfferDepends on the Race you choose to play


Funds Operations

One of the best features of this service is the money system. The platform tolerates a lot of payment systems and currencies. Indian rupees are available as well. The procedures of depositions and withdrawals are easy and fast. So, you can transfer your funds whenever you need them.


All deposits that you make are instant. The service has a lot of payment options, so you can choose the most convenient for you. 

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Tap the Deposits button.
  3. Choose your payment option.
  4. Type in the sum you wish to cash in.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

After you confirmed the transaction, the money appears to be on your 22bet account within a few moments. You can start making wagers instantly!


Cash-out is a bit more complicated process. You still have an option to transfer the money to different payment options. 

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Tap the Withdrawals button.
  3. Choose your payment option.
  4. Type in the sum you wish to cash out.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

After the confirmation, you need to wait. The time of cash-out depends on your payment system. The table of limits and waiting periods are below:

Payment OptionDepositsWithdrawals
Litecoin85 INRInstant130 INR1 hour
Bitcoin85 INRInstant130 INR1 hour
Bank Transfer85 INRInstant130 INR1 hour
Visa85 INRInstant130 INR1 hour
Master 85 INRInstant130 INR1 hour


Betting options on 22bet

One of the best points of the service is the range of proposed games that you can play in. You can gamble on the type of sports that like the most. The provider has everything that you can think of.

Cricket gambling

It is a fact that the majority of Indian members choose to gamble on cricket. This sport is very popular in India, and you can make wagers on it through this service. One more notable feature is that the matches it proposes are not necessarily global. 22bet allows you to gamble on smaller tournaments, that even can be regional ones.

Kabaddi gambling

This type of sport takes second place among Indian players. So, you shall be interested in this section too. Like the previous sport, kabaddi is available within different types of matches. You are free to gamble in international and regional tournaments. 

Football gambling

Football is the most popular sport not just among footballers. It has crazy popularity among the betters too. You can place wagers on different matches, that take place all over the world. Just choose the game you would like to bet on and start gambling!


E-sport is a growing activity that gets more and more members all over the globe. You can gamble on it too! The service has a wide range of online sports. The players are free to pick and place wagers. As this sport gets more popular, the sector on this service develops respectively. 


The casino has an important part in this platform. On 22bet you have a lot of options for casino activities. The list varies from blackjack to roulette. In addition, some bonuses on the platform give you free spins. So, playing casino games here is just a pleasure.

Other types of games

The games that we listed are not the only ones that you can gamble. The variety is truly great, and the interface allows you to see the entire list to pick the best. You can bet on volleyball, handball, tennis, and a lot more sports.

All in all, 22bet proposes you a lot of activities. You can choose the type you enjoy the most and feel free to gamble on it.

The service does not give any information about limits. So, we can suppose that there is no limitation at all. You can win any amount you can. In addition, you can bet with any odd that you choose. This feature makes 22bet even more attractive. Also, it allows us to think that the service is unique from this point, as the other platforms have strict limits on your winnings.

Mobile Version

We already have mentioned this feature. If you do not have enough storage space, you can use the mobile version of the website via your phone. This feature has some great characteristics to mention:

  • It fits every size of your screen.
  • It has all the features that you need to gamble with no problem.
  • The mobile version is well-designed, so you will not get confused by the interface.
  • It doesn't take any storage space.
  • It requires less mobile data as you don't have to download it.

Still, the mobile version is not perfect. There are some disadvantages that can bother you a little. 

  • Sometimes it may have bugs.
  • It depends a lot on the Internet connection. If you have a slow one, the service may work slower respectively.
  • It is less secure than the application.
  • You will need to log in every time you enter the web page.

Generally, this is it. The mobile version is a good alternative to the application, but it may seem a bit worse due to some technical difficulties.

Contact Information

22bet has client support that is always there for you. If you have any kind of problem, you should contact them. The agents will try to help you as fast as they can. To get in contact with service managers you have a few ways:

Clients supportsupport-en@22bet.com 
Telephone number+357 99 816806
Live Chaton the bottom of the web page

As you can see, there are enough ways to get help. The agents of 22bet are always on your side. They will help you with any type of problem that you have. Also, the service claims to be international. That is why the help is available in numerous languages of the world, Hindi included. So, in case you have a problem, do not hesitate to ask for some help.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The service has a lot of positive sides that make it seem almost perfect. So, let us list the main 'good' and 'bad' features that 22bet has.


  • Availability. The owners of the service claim that their platform is international. They do not lie as 22bet is available in every country where betting online is legal. 
  • International interface. The website has an option to switch the interface language. There are more than fifty languages of the world that you can use. In addition, the client support works in lots of languages as well.
  • No limits. The web page does not include any information about the limitation system. That means, that you can bet with no risks of being cut or banned. You are free to gamble with various coefficients and wagers. This feature is rare among the betting services that we have.
  • Variety of games. 22bet has a wide range of activities that you make realize using this site. You have everything that you may think about. Thanks to its sports variety, every gambler will like this service. In addition, it has a great casino. This section has loads of games to play.
  • Numerous bonuses. This service is very generous. Despite the Welcoming Bonus that every betting site has, there are tons of promotions. Thanks to them, you can increase your income a lot. Also, it is notable that the web page has some special offers for Indian gamblers. So, there is always a chance to win more.
  • Freshness. As the service is new enough, it has a fresh approach to the gambling system. The interface is appealing and easy to understand. In addition, you have a lot of ways to receive promotions and rewards. This feature attracts more and more players every year. Having said that the platform works just a few years, it is very popular. Year by year, its clientele increases.
  • Mobile applications. There is no surprise that the platform has its own application. It is available on every software, and it is very fast to download the app. The application is convenient as it keeps you updated all the time. Also, it is very handy when you are not at home, or your computer is not with you. You can put wagers even on the go!
  • Security. This is a very important point of the service. All the platforms that have something to see with money have to be safe. 22bet has had the Curosau license since 2018. It is totally secure, and it protects your money transfers. In addition, the platform keeps your personal info secret, so do not worry about its liability.


  • No live streams. Sad to say, but there is no opportunity to bet on live matches. This is a big disadvantage of the service as the majority of similar services do have it. Still, this may occur due to the fact that the service is young. Hopefully, the developers will add this feature to the platform in the future.
  • Low enough popularity. With the digital development, the betting business started operating on the Internet. The most popular existed since the 1990s. That is why it is very complicated to get such popularity for the younger services. Still, if 22bet's developers keep working on the website, they may achieve higher goals.
  • Mobile version's lugs. As we mentioned before, the mobile version of the web page is good, but it depends a lot on your Internet connection. On the other hand, the application needs storage space to operate well. So, in some special cases, it may result in a small problem. Still, this is not a fault of the creators, it is a technical aspect of such technologies.

All in all, the pros dominate over the cons. This fact makes the service worth a try. The best thing about it is that the advantages are compatible even with the most popular betting services. In addition, the disadvantages are not that serious, and the service has them as it's pretty young. So, there is some work for the developers.

To sum up, 22bet is a good gambling provider that is certainly worth a chance. It can go to the worldwide level as it claims because it has all the features for that. Still, the platform has some negative sides. They should be taken into the mind by the owners of the platform. But in general, it is growing and developing, so 22bet has all the chances to become one of the best.



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